Melting Vinyl

Branding, Promotional Literature Design, Production

Melting Vinyl have been a client for over seven years. We were initially asked to work on a poster design for one band but it became clear that they needed a more cohesive branding solution. For the last 15 years Melting Vinyl have put on some of the best gigs in Brighton but their promotion didn’t reflect them or their ethos. Our feeling was that if people knew a gig was a Melting Vinyl one – even if they hadn't heard of the band – the quality of their gigs would be enough to generate interest and therefore ticket sales.

The first step of the rebrand was to create a poster template to promote individual artists whilst being clear it was a Melting Vinyl event. This immediately raised their profile and the consistent visual style of the posters meant that the walls of local record shops soon became Melting Vinyl walls. We created a new more striking logo along with a bespoke MVDE IN BRIGHTON branding. We have recently created a series of collectable quarterly posters, each branded with a unique coded design on one side, with in-depth biographies of the upcoming gigs.

Studio AM have been Melting Vinyl’s designers for over seven years. They have always given quick, quality and friendly service; with inventive design, ideas and suggestions; their creative input adds value to our brand.
— Anna / Founder of Melting Vinyl

Melting Vinyl have taken our aesthetic on board completely, redesigning their website so it falls in line with the printed collateral and even ensuring simple guest list sheets are on brand.