Branding, Promotional Literature Design, Production

Fishlove is a charity whose aim is to promote fish sustainability and protect the oceans from overfishing. We were initially asked to create the logo for Fishlove and have since worked on many other elements, including advertising campaigns, exhibition collateral, and various promotional elements.

Fishlove have worked closely with well known photographers and high profile celebrities to create four series of striking portraits of the celebrities with endangered fish. The campaigns have been phenomenally successful, enjoying widespread media coverage. We are very proud to be part of it and enjoy supporting such a great cause.

Studio Am have created the branding for our restaurant Moshimo, our global fish sustainability campaign Fishlove, and our festivals Brighton Japan and The Costume Games. I don’t really want to tell you quite how good they are because I’m worried they’ll get too busy to work on my projects.... but, trust me, they’re good.
— Nicky Rohl / Founder of Fishlove